Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Ulrich ist rad

Our first show of the tour was with Ulrich Schnauss at the Detroit Bar in Costa Mesa, CA. If you haven't heard his music yet go buy "Goodbye". Giant, beautiful and longing. Also, he had probably the second best use of live show video I've seen (the first being a Godspeed show I saw a few years ago at the Fillmore). A long-haired Spicoli looking dude turned to me half-way through Ulrich's set and said something about the "biscuit kickin'-in." Sweet. Great first show and I really enjoyed playing there as well.

We hit the road early the next morning of the 8th. 16 hours later we arrived in Portland, which was around midnight last night. We rushed to get up here to start shooting a video at 10:30am. It's 3pm now, I think we might begin around 4:30 or so, we'll see.

It's gloomy outside.

So we are on tour, finally. I was looking up at these trees at a rest area in Southern Oregon. The tree trunks reminded me of being in Mexico years ago and staggering drunk down a street with a German girl I met in a bar. She was drunk too and had a thing for Americans, in particular Jim Morrison. She said I should be more like him -- "free and wild." That's when I took my shirt off and climbed into the tree. -geebee


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