Monday, October 29, 2007

Tragedies and puppies

Man it's tough to keep up with these TorBlogz...

We ate corn at Cafe Habana in NYC (it looks nasty, it's not)...

We've stayed in more crappy hotels (it looks nasty, it is)...

Dave played on a Eulogies song at Johnny Brenda's in Philly (backstage practicing)...

AND big marketing news...Tragedy finally struck! "Coincidentally" it happened at the Beggars office...

I fell over this big ball they had in the office. I knew they were up to something when they had "In Rainbows" playing on the stereo in the office.

Speaking of, I heard something about only about half of the people that bought "In Rainbows" online from Radiohead actually payed something for it. It doesn't seem far off that instead of album prices being fixed there will be a "suggested" price based on what other fans paid for the album. The ultimate album review.

And speaking of, a few days ago we received a message from a fan on MySpace that said "How can I find your music for free, I'm broke!" This isn't the first message we've gotten like this. Isn't there some unspoken rule that you're not supposed to ask a band how to find their music for free? I guess why hide the obvious. Consumers are trying to figure out whether music should be free or not, and it sure seems to be heading the way of free. What's the rule about downloading music? Do you download the album for free, then buy the CD if you like it? Or download the music then go to the show and buy a tshirt? What if the tshirt is a shitty design?

I KNOW I KNOW... bands are supposed to just be grateful anyone wants to listen to their music... Why can't these selfish musicians just be happy to have their music be distributed and enjoyed??

And why can't every in rainbow end in a pot of gold??

PS: We have this pic of some cute PUPPIES from our stay at James' parent's place... aaaawwwWWWW!


Blogger Steven said...

Giving out your music for free is cool. That's one of the ways to prosper in a long run. Gain recognition first. Unless you think you don't need that :)


March 10, 2008 at 11:26 AM  

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