Sunday, November 4, 2007

Target Center opening for the Stones

Food is the only thing that looks good on my phone, is that okay with you??

Deep fried PB&J at Beachland in Cleveland, and that's powdered sugar on top. It was freakin' awesome, thanks Kim.

Pumpkin curry at a Thai restaurant down the street from the 400 Bar in Minneapolis. Unclear whether they appreciated our sense of humor.

Cheese in North Dakota (loser).

Also in N. Dakota, a chance to trade in your old Deer Hides for a booey knife. By the way, not sure if everyone is aware of this but you can trade in Human Hunter Hides at the Film School shows for a free Hideout 12" vinyl or CD *your choice*.

Fan letter of the week!
Thanks Baardis! PS. Does that 50 include yourself?

I just wanted to say that I really like your music. I am a Norwegian and you guys are not so well known here (I imagine maybe about 50 people around the country have heard of you - which is very sad), but I 'discovered' you when searching through Mark Lanegan's music label, Beggars. If I had the power to get certain bands to play in Norway, Film School should have been one of them -- for sure!

The (maybe uninteresting) picture is me and a friend dancing. I usually dont like to dance, but if the music is good, and I have had anough beer, and there is pretty girls, I'm there!

Best greetings


And a blog about last night's show in Minneapolis... "This band sounded so good, they could have been rocking at the Target Center opening for the Rolling Stones." Good news for the Stones... we've been discussing playing shoegaze Bar Mitzvahs in the next few months, but would be available for some one-offs if the timing is right.


Blogger Brody McCoy said...

Funny stuff... and great title.. Hope to see you guys back in Minneapolis.

November 8, 2007 at 8:20 AM  
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