Wednesday, November 14, 2007

When Eagles cry

We're back in LA. Tonight is the last show of this first tour.

It's warm here (it was 88 in downtown LA yesterday) and it will probably be in the 80s for a couple more months.

Whenever I tell friends on the east coast about this weather they respond with "yeah, but you have smog" and "yeah, but you have earthquakes", like I was bragging. It's unnaturally warm and kind of annoying. The screen door is open like it's July. It's weird seeing Target mechanical deer and snowmen on crisp-dry brown lawns. The heat makes people crazy and confuses them into making bad decisions.

The biggest misconception about touring is that you get to actually visit the places you're traveling to. In reality you get to visit the clubs, the gas stations, the Super 8s and supermarkets of this country (any place that uses the word "super" at the start of their name probably isn't).

When you're driving for 8-10 hours a day the gas station convenience stores become the looked-forward-to midday activity. There's a strange comfort in knowing when you walk into a store items will be organized in a familiar way -- 16oz bottle of water in the fridge, peanut M&Ms at the front counter. Supermarkets also help out by displaying items together that we'll probably be bought together... the peanut butter goes next to the jelly, the deli meats next to the cheese, and so on...

And I'm always amazed at what you learn on the road. Everyone knows that doves cry, but did you know that eagles cry too? (again, my phone is such a POS that you can't see the tear, but know it's there).

Oh, what to do with all these tour pics.

1 band, 5 members, 5 cRaZy hats... coming this fall to the FOX kids network.


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Blogger rachel goldstar said...

yay! i can't wait for the new fox kids show! hats!

June 4, 2008 at 10:43 AM  
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